Frequently Asked Questions

SGG™ products should be used on the interior and exterior of buildings. Buildings, when locked, are only as strong as the glass in the doors. The strongest glass on the market that will fit into a glazing pocket designed for ¼” glass lasted less than 40 seconds during our independent testing. Use our glass wherever you will want to delay entry allowing additional time for the police to arrive. Unfortunately, many attacks on students are perpetrated by students who have brought weapons to schools. Using the SGG™ products in classroom doors, corridor doors and stairway doors can prevent a violent offender from traveling throughout the school. When SGG™ is installed in classroom doors a “safe zone” is created blocking attackers from finding new targets.

SG4™ kept our testing agent at bay for over 6 minutes during our official testing by HP White Laboratories. This should provide enough time for a buildings emergency plan to be put into place. Nationwide the average response time for police to get to public schools is approximately 5 minutes. When used in conjunction with a larger safety plan the police should arrive at the school with the intruder on the outside of the building. SG5™ kept our testing agent out for over 12 minutes. This product should be used in areas where police response could be delayed, or other more significant security concerns are identified.

In almost all cases the answer is yes. Our testing methodology requires certain thicknesses and quality of aluminum or metal products. However, even an old door that does not meet these requirements will still be far harder to get through with the an SGG™ product than without.

Manufacturing, crating and shipping usually takes less than 6 weeks.

SGG™ works with hundreds of companies around the United States that are currently trained to install SGG™ products. A local glazier on your area can also order and install the glass. It is important to note that the means of installation are critical to making the entire door or window stronger. Please call or email to receive a customized installation sheet for your specific installation needs.

We believe an uneducated intruder will be easier to keep out of any building. We do not publish lists of customers, schools or districts who have used our product in order to keep the element of surprise.