How it all started

As a parent of two children in elementary school and another who will be soon, the prospect of a stranger breaking into my local school used to keep me up at night. At the end of 2012 we devised a plan to keep intruders out. We believe that with enough warning schools can protect our children until law enforcement arrives. Our product is designed to alert schools to a break in by making it so difficult that people will hear the force required for entry from inside the school.

Glass Door

Currently there are dozens of products that provide bullet and blast rated options that are available to schools. Unfortunately all of them are either prohibitively expensive or are gimmicks that will simply not work. Many of these products were designed for embassies abroad, military installations or prisons and do not meet the needs for schools or commercial buildings. The most effective products do not have the ability to be integrated into existing door or window systems.

At School Guard Glass™ we specifically designed and tested a product that is low cost and meets the needs of school security while eliminating the blast and bullet proof aspect of the product and thus the majority of the cost. Our glass is tested to withstand entry from someone who is armed with anything from a hammer to a gun. Our purpose was to create a product that would be so hard to break through that the perpetrator would have to spend five minutes or more trying to gain access. This glass has the ability to stay in place and keep people outside whether they are using a gun or a hammer. This product will require a would be intruder to make so much noise that the people inside the building would know of their presence and contact authorities. Imagine the lives that could be saved if the police could arrive before someone broke into the building.

Our product is not designed to keep someone out of a building for hours like 3 ½” blast rated glass could. Our glass is designed to slow their progress so significantly that police and school administration have time to react.

Glass DoorGlass Door

Imagine a person with a gun standing outside of a locked door at the rear of a school that has tempered glass in it. With one strike from the butt of his gun he breaks the glass and has immediate access to the entire school. Even if someone heard him break the glass the earliest someone could contact the authorities is at the same time he enters the building. Now imagine that this same man comes to the same door but instead of tempered glass our School Guard Glass™ is in place. Because it looks identical to the tempered glass he thinks he can break it by hitting it. He swings and the glass breaks but it stays in place. He swings again and again and although the glass continues to crack it holds firm in the door. He cannot reach through because he can’t break through the interlayer that's between the glass. The banging has alerted people inside the building to his presence and they call 911. The would be intruder in a move of desperation uses his gun and shoots through the glass. The bullet will penetrate the glass but it only leaves a small hole. The glass stays in place. In the mean time the school is able to get children away from the point of attack, and if police are fast enough this man will never be able to enter the school.

For a fraction of the cost of bullet or blast rated glass we can install into your current entrance system glass and other required parts to keep people out of your building for an additional 5 or 10 or even 15 minutes. Imagine the lives that can be saved in that time.

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School Guard Glass™ is currently owned, supported, and manufactured by The Advanced Impact Technologies Group, Inc. The AIT Group Inc has a combined over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities in the Massachusetts (LTI Smart Glass) and Florida (AIT Florida) to support the increasing demands for School Guard Glass™ glazings.

AIT's commitment to providing architectural, innovative, and security glazing products around the United Sates and Worldwide ensure School Guard Glass will be made to the specifications your project requires.